Support for: Gear Fit2 Pro (SM-R365)

Will there be support for newest Samsung wearable?


It’s not currently on the roadmap, mainly because we don’t think there is a massive market for these, but we could consider it!

I know it’s off topic but what about putting the Gear S3 Classic in the list of “watches to show” ?

(It’s kinda hard to reach Facer by mail)

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@UserUnknow hi! do you feel the S3 model we show isn’t sufficient? We so far only show 1 variant per model otherwise it will quickly get out of hand (some watches have lots of variants), but if you feel it makes your experience with Facer subpar, we can consider it.

The Gear S3 Classic have a complete different look then the others from the S3 range…

No kittens will die and global warming will not increase but it simply look nice if you can use one of the best selling watches… (the S3 classic did kinda well)

But don’t worry, I really prefer if staff take care of other things first… it was just an idea

I have the Classic on my profile pic… that great looking body part is mine (just as the watch)

Yes @Facer_Official, I do strongly think that.

  • Samsung and Apple combined market share (for smartwatch) is the market;

  • We should have had the ‘Gear S2 Classic’ instead of the ‘Gear S2’ which was not nearly as popular;

  • At present, we should have the current ‘elegant/larger’ leading Samsung model: ‘Gear S3 Classic’ (not that I am a particular fan of it; I went from ‘Gear S2 Classic’ to Gear Sport’);

  • Going forward (from 24-Aug release date) we should have the NEW elegant/larger ‘Galaxy Watch (46mm)’ (successor to ‘S3 Classic’), but also the (likely more popular) ‘Galaxy Watch (42mm)’ in black

  • If you can’t include more of the various ‘Rose Gold’ (or Silver/Titanium) models (from Samsung and others), then make generic dark-grey, matt black, silver, and rose-gold ‘blanks’ - able to be selected by watchface designer at draft stage;

  • Lastly, the wildly popular ‘Gear Sport’ unisex/lifestyle is ONLY available in black (not my preferred blue).

New Samsung range: (released toady)

Samsung - Galaxy Watch (silver, 46mm) front

Samsung - Galaxy Watch (Midnight Black, 42mm) front

Samsung - Galaxy Watch (rose gold, 42mm) front

LOlz It took me a long time to find a S3 classic… they where hard to get but I just like the looks of it, steel and not black plastic or girlie gold :slight_smile:
The S3 Classic is close to a real watch in design…

You should lot of runners and walkers and use them

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I hope Facer changes their minds about support for the Gear Fit 2 Pro. Long time smart watch fan. Pebble, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Pebble 2, LG GWR Tic E, Tic S, Tic Watch Pro, Gear 3 Frontier. Fitbit Versa 2 and now Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. Love Facer enough to pay for Premium. Works great for the Gear 3 and Tic Pro. Though the Gear Fit 2 has a lot less functionally compared to like the Gear 3 and Tic Pro. I find myself wearing the Gear Fit 2 pro almost exclusivity. Size shape and weight are key. Though there several have available its probably 10% or less of the other i listed. I’d love to have Facer for my Gear Fit 2 Pro please.

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