Tag formulæ spaces or not?

Sure is and I don’t need any pesky colons :smiley: (except the one for the smiley)!


Okay, so what have I learnt?

  1. People here are very helpful (I hope one day to be in a position to help others).
  2. I have just somehow pulled up a reading mode which shows all the posts in this topic in a side bar. I’m guessing it’s a Chrome thing but it’s good because i can scroll through the entire post whilst writing this.
  3. Generally it’s good to type tags and formulae instead of copy paste to avoid Marvin playing tricks.
  4. )()()()()()()()()are good.
  5. There are many ways to do the same thing - some simpler than others.
  6. There are many good tutorials here
  7. I have many known unknowns - If I think of something it has already been done
  8. There is a lot of good stuff in the ‘Knowledge base’ - I haven’t found a way to call it directly but it is starting to pop-up more frequently for me these days.
  9. You get enormous satisfaction when you produce something that actually works!
  10. Thanks Guys…

A Jolly good summary of the whole thing .

I am Very intrested in the Side Bar . I am sure others will be .

I think it is very intresting to recognise the style of different people’s Formulas . I always put the final Multiplication Number at the end . People who know what they are doing put it at the beginning . It seens wrong to me but if that is the one you are tweaking you don’t have to scroll the whole formula to the end .
I try to make Formulas with Peters Perfectly Descriptive Mathematics I also remember that Mattie is one that uses that as well . Apart from possibly helping others to understand how it works , it mostly it helps me to remember how I got there .

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It’s a Chrome thing on the PC - click on the menu button top right (3 dots) on the drop down that appears click on ‘More tools’ then ''Reading mode".
I think it will be quite useful.