Take two - Premium Designer

woohooo! just announced!

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Well, well, well…Isn’t that an extraordinary coincidence!?
I would dare to say it’s… a miracle! :joy:

You owe me one, @roycaruso :wink: :relaxed:

Anybody else out there tired of waiting to become premium?
Just tell me, I’ll see what I can do… :sunglasses:

hahaha @veertualia.team :+1: you have the magic touch! :sunglasses:

Haha! Unfortunately I had already been invited before your magic @veertualia.team! Hahaha


Yes, 22 days ago… :smile:
You still owe me one… :sunglasses: :wink:

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I read over and over again this topic because I’m trying to get in the club, and after the new rules Facer team published (“Update February 2019: please refer to this article for updated guidelines: Become a Facer Creator Partner – How can we help?”), I believe I meet all the requirements. I sent the application form two or three times, but still have no answer of any kind, nor any confirmation mail for getting my request. Now I’m wondering if I understood something wrong or just the procedure takes a long time. Could you share some knowledge and advises. Thank you!


Hi @almarinov! I can confirm we received your application. We do no send a confirmation or any reply, but all eligible designers are tracked on our side. We tend to send invites in batches every month and I believe the next batch will be invited later this week. Stay tuned!


Thank you @Facer_Official, that was fast :blush:, that is a great answer to stay at the end of this conversation so everybody in my position can read! :innocent: I cross my fingers and expect your decision! Cheers!


Hello ladies and gentlemen! Just to keep the topic updated I want to check in with an e-mail invitation from the Facer Team to become a part of the Facer Creator Partner Program, that I got on Saturday! That makes me so happy and proud, and hope I’ll meet more and more Facer friends! Now I’m waiting for the documentation to arrive because I’m situated in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a beautiful country on the Balkans, and expect the delivery to take a while :smile: . I’ll keep in touch to let you know what’s next! Cheers! BTW today is my birthday, so have a great day and :beers: :tada: !!!


Congratulations, well deserved!

Concratulations! Well deserved, you‘re doing a fine job!

And … happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Congrats @almarinov and great work! Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

I appreciate that! Cheers!

What a nice birthday surprise! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Well done @almarinov