TicWatch S2&E2 Design Contest Week 2 Theme

My second entry!


Did they post about week 2?

Yup :sunny:

I didn‘t see any results of the contest yet…

Anyone informations?

I haven’t seen any information about who one in week 1.and both contests still don’t have closed on them so fingers crossed they still look at mine.

I have not seen any results yet and seems they are still deciding. Probably won’t have any results until the end. Still have one more week and theme!

Strange. Seems to be new rules this time. The last contest they gave a feedback on instagram after they voted for the week before.


They are posting 2 faces each week on their facebook page and asking people to vote for them. Both weeks are already on there.

Do you have the link? I can’t find them when I search.

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Thanks, much appreciated.


mmm, I can’t see anything about the competition ??

Hmmm, just had a look at the link. Nothing about the design contest and no weekly results. I really wonder why mobvoi doesn‘t make a big social media event on all channels out of this contest. It would have a great marketing effect imhO.

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Here it is.

Anyway the link will open a different Facebook page based on your country, so in example I get the mobvoi Italian page but others will get their country page.
Maybe not every country page post about the contest so, someone will see and someone not.
Edit: U must open the image to see the whole screenshot
Another thing: Every country have a different votation, so, I don’t know which one are they taking care of

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@mikeoday @GAUSS

Really? Scroll down the page to posts. They all show from most recent for me. There are a bunch of posts about the contest, each weeks theme and each weeks poll with 2 faces lol. Last contest they didn’t announce a weekly winner, just the finalists at the end. At least on their fb page. I would post a direct link to each poll but fb doesn’t have links for poll posts. Only regular posts.

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No nothing - in fact very few posts and most old. Perhaps we see different “regional” facebook pages as suggested by @orz0.

maybe. I am in the US so…

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Thank you for posting the screen shots. Nothing like that when I check their site from here.

The Facebook vote has been addressed by Mobvoi in the introduction to week three of the competition:

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Yeah seemed strange if that was weekly winners since it was just on there and not globally visible.

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