Tide times on watchface

Can anyone help with tide time integration into a watch face.
I live by the coast and the information I really need is weather, and tide times as well as sea conditions.
Obviously there are loads of weather Icons/apps available, but can’t find a way to integrate tide times. I think sea conditions might be a bit of a push at the moment.
Can anyone please offer some advise.

You have to do all the calculations yourself to do the tide times and they will only be close for you. For someone in another part of the world the times will be totally off. I know that a couple of people have done those types of watchfaces. I also know it is obviously math based on the position of the moon, but beyond that I won’t be of any help. @russellcresser made a premium watchface with adjustable tide information you might want to look at. He has inspection open so you might find something useful in there.


Hopefully some of the Facer Math Wizards will see your post and jump in with some useful help.


Thanks for the Shout Out MAG . @kimlabut24 Welcome to the community.
I live in a part of the World where we have 2 tides a day and the activity is synced direcly with the progress of the moon and its Phase which is the same relative to the Sun. There are some very exciting new Tags for the Moon. I can not remember if I used the new one on the watch above.
You will find that any face that has a Tide Guage on it has to be adjusted to the Local Conditions so will be Premium or Paid for.

Please have a look at my Face.
Get Back if you can not Sync it.
We might be able to help another way.

I have a Non PRO version of thst face that I can calibrate for you to test. You will then easily see what has to be done to localise it.

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Here’s a couple I did with some of your requested data in there. Note that the 2nd one needs to be calibrated by syncing with high tide. I have another pre-calibrated to Vancouver, but it is not likely that will work for you.


Thanks for all your suggestions @russellcresser @bradtc @mrantisocialguy
I will have a go at my own faces over the weekend.


Please Continue to Participate in this Topic which has a nice strong Title. Please post an Inspectable Dtaft if you get stuck or when it is Finished. Gives power to an intreseing Topic.

As to my Face it uses the old Formula. Facer has just recently launched some Wonderfull New Moon Tags. I will make a test with a new Formula which has about 80 less Characters. It is difficult to know what to add on and remove from the long one. A shorter version will be great for someone starting out fom this point in Time.

Here is the test I promised .

So the formula for rotating the Beach ball twice a day relative to the Moon and Sun is below and in the test .
You will adjust the 0+ OR - ( 1 to 12 nearest hour ) to you local Tides . You will not know it uses the new Tag . I have included the old Formula as well . From what I can test it looks more accurate .

Good Surfing.



Thanks for the formula, I have tried to implement but sorry I am getting confused. If say my local high tide is 3am would I just change the leading 0 to 3?

Thanks again for your help

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Yeah . I can not say . You must go by Trial and error . If you have an image that represents the Tides . You will find it easier if it is like a hand . So its centre is a X160 Y160 and it progresses round the face . Just change the leading number in the Formula to Plus or minus the off set that gets your " Float " in the correct position to your Local tide tables . Much as I would like to calibrate it for you it is Impossible from here . Are your tides regular . Get back if you are not getting any where .

If you are a Premium user I have Published a Face with calibration on it . You could count the clicks on that .

Thanks for all the great help @russellcresser @mrantisocialguy, @bradtc one of your faces also showed wave height, that would be a fantastic addition for surfing and general watersports info, where did you find that?

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I should let Brad tell you . But if you look at tide tables you will see that the high tide peaks a day before and 3 days after the new and full moons . I there is no specific data coming to Facer for that . Check out the new Moon Tags That have come out Since this Topic Started .
Keep Coming Back.

I kind of assumed you were Making a Face for yourself . If not let me know if you want me to modify my Tide Time Face . I will not do the work unless you come back as it is not one that has thousands of Syncs .

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Hi @kimlabut24, the watch face above with the wave height has all the details of how to make it here:

I made it with the intention of watersports, in a way, as I have a small fishing boat, but don’t take it out when thw waves are more than 0.2m, or so.

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Thanks for all your help in creating this watch face. The tide time uses the formula kindly provided by @russellcresser, with help from @bradtc and @mrantisocialguy . I have linked a VAR+1 inc into the formula so to set your local high or low tide you just press the center of the tide dial and it will push the hand to your local tide, then will track your high and low tides from there. I wanted to include all the data I could that you would need for a good day at the beach, either walking the dog, which I do everyday, or going in for a surf or a swim, which I wish I could do more often.
All feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Great stuff . Great Community . Get Brads Beaufort on the next one . Split Wind Speed and Direction give it a bit more space . Get rid of that stupid battery thing . just have a power icon there . HT LT and Tide Hand Water colours . You could give a bit more space to the data on the right . Digital does not have to be that big . But Love the Shaded Wave layers.

BTW the user selectable Metric speed for the wind is m/s meters per second . Who knew ? You could change the unit designation , according to the user preference . If you are not sure just ask . A lot complain about not understanding m/s it think you multiply by 3.6 to give Km/h .

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Main Time watch face parses the tidal info from the UKHO afaik, but it is not part of Facer, it has a separate app on the phone.

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