Toggle Between Tags/Layers

Hi guys.

Was wondering if this feature exists or anyone has coded it.

I wanted to be able to have to layers or tags changing every “X” time

For example toggle between heart icon and heart rate every 5 seconds
Or weather and temperature.
Or distance and Steps

Im sure I can come up with more functions to use it with.

Sure, you can use a bottom layer that set opacity to 100% during the firsts 5 of 10 seconds and an upper one that set opacity to 100% during the lasts 5 of 10 seconds
The upper layer opacity expression could be $(#DWE#%10)>5?100:0$
The bottom one could be $(#DWE#%10)<5?100:0$

Here an inspectable example



That is awesome.
Great help, thank you so so much !!!

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You are welcome!

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