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Using Non-Western Digits in Numeric fields? Eastern Arabic/Persian

Well done with the compass . I don’t think the decimal Point is relevant on mot watches . We don’t get a lot of feedback on them .

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Interesting! yes, haven’t thought about it since creating the my version of the compass expression I’ve been using everywhere,
Indeed I meant compass to a 1/10 degree resolution:
I think mostly though about it since without it, the web-version gives a very long decimal fraction on the preview…
On my galaxy-watch 4, indeed the resolution seems to be 1°, with or without the round() call…
I guess this is specific to the current WearOS-Facer release…

Personally, 1/10 of a degree resolution is desired, not for everyday navigation, but indeed for sometimes using the compass to help with aligning real-world objects, though I’d probably use a separate compass app in that cases, it’s nice to have the 1/10° resolution as a fallback

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That’s a nice font, and a good fit here. One thing I missed from your original post: I wouldn’t use a period instead of a colon between hours/minutes/seconds, it makes the time look weird given that zero in Persian/Arabic is a dot.

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Hi @kourosh ! Yes, I’m pleased now after wearing this font for the day!
Would you just use a colon? : ? I’ve been considering that…
I’ll probably change all faces to use that now…

initially I wanted to use the “date-separator” character
؍ ؍
but that started to make stand right-to-left problems…
I think it all started when was getting a BIG colon which was much bigger than the digits… (trying to recall why I wasn’t just using a colon…)
but that might have just been an issue of selecting the wrong font for the : colon!

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ok, the colon seems to be rendering too low… interested in your opinion, since it seems like that in any text, for example:


18:24 ١٨:٢٤ ۱۸:۲۴ 18:24 ١٨:٢٤ ۱۸:۲۴

The colon in the Arabic and Persian versions seem too low… your input

Absolutely, just a colon for both languages in the good old hh:mm:ss format, but, many digital time displays don’t use a 2nd colon when the seconds font is significantly smaller, like “HH:MM ss

A comma will also be weird and out of place, since with numbers it’s used as a decimal point.


Yea, in your example above the colon does look too low (which is not a good look)… oddly enough, I had to read that post several times until I finally got it: for some reason I kept seeing that line as “rendering too slow:crazy_face: :rofl:

I’m not familiar with FontForge, is it easy to re-create the colon in that font? The only other alternative might be to separate the time into components and have a static colon centered in the right position, which then complicates everything for the digital time.

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yes, rendering is sometime associated with /speed/ ! why now lol;)

anyhow, I’ve quite pleased with the colon now, I think it’s since the colon character is not specific to the “Arabic” char-set, oddly (or not?!) there’s no specific colon in the unicode-Arabic blocks…

In these faces - this is anyhow a separate text-field (the colon), so I might raise it a few pixels up, I just wanted to get some more feedback on that before doing that…

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If you have a compass running 1/10 great stuff . I always thought Declination was difficult with a magnetic compass . It would be great to allow for that on one but a lot of maths to work out where you are and compensate .

In that case, yes definitely raise the colon until it’s centered within the height of the “1” digit, which should be the tallest.

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@kourosh Thank you for your input on this one .

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