[Watch Face] Outcast (what a waste of time)

…very relaxing time that is. :rofl: If you know watches, you might know what its based on. I made some very deliberate changes to avoid a copyright strike, including different minute hand, addition of second movement, date (active) and battery power (AOD). All graphics work done in Affinity Designer, gears designed on geargenerator.com.


That is a very nice watch face, cool style.
The only thing that seems out of tone is the seconds numbers… maybe it’s the font? maybe the rest seems more “abstract”?

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Thanks. Yes, I thought about the numbers, and may actually replace them with markers so that its a little more abstract. I used numbers so that it was clear that the second hand face doesn’t rotate with the rotation of the minute hand, but maybe that’s redundant thinking? I used that specific font because I think it works quite well at small sizes. I have trouble reading a lot of fonts that small.

I’m also not happy with the date. I wish I could do the day of the week with two characters, but I can’t think of any way that you can do that on Facer. I know that in some languages, the usual three character tag actually shows only two, but I can’t control it for English, which is my language. If I can’t figure it out, I might use a three character or image based day of the week in which I could use two characters, and control exactly how it appears. Yeah, I think that might be the way to go.

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You could make the 0 marker of the seconds wheel stand out, so it is clear it doesn’t rotate.
As for the days, you could use images, or a wheel maybe?

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Hi, I know of two relatively easy workarounds.
here I found, simplest is to make the two letters appear by expression like:
Using such expression will limit the abbreviations to one fixed language.
Other way, little more complicated, is to use font with fixed width, align the field with #DE# to left and cover the right side with small mask with window for just the two letters. Note the #DE# produces abbreviations in various length from 2 to 4 letters, sometimes adding dot.


That’s awesome, thank you! The expression is fine for me, and easier than the other way, and easier than recreating something in graphics.


v.1.1 now reflects these changes, and a few others.


Nicely done! Of course I know the muse :slight_smile: Years ago I made a version of one of these too. I love the whole series, it’s one of my favorite brands in general stylistically. They cover a wide range but such great decision making with every piece.


Yes, they are way out there, and I love em for it.

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