[WatchFace] M1N1M4L.01

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@Tomas, I went back and added your dial movement (minus the bounce) to this face. Going to work on converting the indicator lights to a dial so I can do the same for them.

Hi @eradicator09, looks great - design in harmony. I my expressions I did use number for dynamic value 0.8 - because of the following bouncing.

In your case you could try to change it to 1.5 or 3… I think it will looks even more authentic - however it’s only my feeling…

Apropos, how did you solved your problem with the animation at the end?

I adjusted the movement to the 1.5 you suggested. Also added a slight delay on the smaller lights to “leave” them behind a little at the start. Also remove the extras from the Dim side only leaving the main colored indicator light.

As far as the other design, everyone else seems to say it works. I don’t know why it won’t on my watch. Seems really weird.

Just went ahead and updated the default themeable color to Tron Blue.

…it looks great and it has a cool name :wink:

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