[Watchface] NEW! Aileron 2 World Time

Hi everyone - finally finished!

This face is a ground-up rebuild of the Grand Prize Winner of the Samsung world-wide Watchface Design Competition and is now fully interactive - an aviator-style analog chronograph paired with a digital world time watch face

Hope you like it.


Absolutly great @jmorga106!

I love it! :heart:

Luv Luv Luv this…cool it has color choices

:heart_eyes: That is incredible! Outstanding work, John!

This is GREAT stuff!..again :thumbsup:

Excellent design, great effort.

I would change the two sub-clocks (on World Time) to 24-hour, or otherwise indicate day/night-time. See my sub-clock demo, in case it inspires you: Reference design: analog watchface sub-clocks

You should also show the timezone offset(s) (eg. UTC -7), if that will fit.

PS. I’m still working on calendar-logic for 40 (or 200) top cities - for daylight/summer time, etc.

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