What is Age on the watch face?


This would be my first post, thus would like to apologize if this is posted on the incorrect board or category …

I’m trying to figure out what “Age” is on the Full House watchface by Ken Hayward … totally love the whole moon phase it has … but the “Age” bit puzzles me. Here is the face on facer.io:
Ken Hayward - Full House - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Anyone here uses it on their watch face too, or may have any idea what it is … please do tell.

Thanks heaps !!!



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In short: The moon goes from new to full to new in about 29.5 days. The age you see is how “old” this moon is (so full moon would be around 14.75 days)


Thank you Andrew.Dowden and ThaMattie …

This definitely got me stumped, as coincidentally … the watch is also around the same age when I first got it, but knew it couldn’t be that … but yeah, age of the moon phase does make a whole lot more sense. hahaha

and thank you Lucky.Andrei for moving this to the correct board / category. Appreciate it.