Community Manager Internship

Hi all!

We are looking for an intern to join our team and help manage the Facer community, i.e. you! :wink:

The job post can be seen here:

Please make sure to apply at the url above to be considered. We are not monitoring the forum or other channels for job applications.



Good luck to the Candidates!!

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Good luck from me, too.

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Luck is needed if you put an intern in charge of this…

But hey, it’s cheap :stuck_out_tongue:


Too many users complaining and asking the wrong questions.
To keep the house clean and tidy, you need someone respected by everyone.
Somebody with the right attitude, who’s not afraid of getting his/her hands dirty, should the situation require it.
Somebody faithful to Facer, but not from Facer, of course. You never know. You may need someone to blame.


It wouldn’t really be fair to the others if i applied would it… oh well go off and conquer the world young ones lol


I’d like to apply for the position but when I click on the post it says there’s been an error.
Please send me the right info to apply!