Facer companion app not available

Hi @Facer_Official I am happy to report that the app if finally working. Downloaded, installed and synced (free) watchface. Purchase will be the next step.
Thank you very much!
I am from Curacao country. Island in the Caribbean.


Woohoo, thanks for confirming!
Now we need to come visit Curacao - looks pretty nice!

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it’s working back now. thank u again for the good following up and i back to face watchfaces again.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming as well!

Although I must say that many watchfaces are not present anymore. Before there were some Hublot and Tissot, Tag watch faces that are not present anymore :frowning:

Thanks very much awesome job.

I am using sm v700 Galaxy gear 1, I can not find the facer application on the galaxy app store.
Is it not being released on there for this watch?

Hi @danialf64 - sorry about that! Can you let me know where you are located? Facer should be available worldwide but we’ve had issues in the past with some isolated countries.

I am in the UK

@danialf64 sorry just saw you mentioned that you were using the Galaxy Gear. Unfortunately Facer is not available on that device :frowning:

Hi, I can’t seem to install the Facer Companion App in my galaxy watch. Everytime the Facer App on android redirects me to the Samsung Gear App, it doesn’t show the Facer app to download; even searching for it in the the Samsung Gear App doesn’t show facer to be download.

I’m located in Chile.

Not working for me in the UK

Hi @ghowett,

What type of watch do you have?

I managed to get the app downloaded and all is working fine
Thanks for coming back to me though.
Please close this case

Hi…Not working in Mauritius…using Samsung Gear 2 though was working on my huawei watch…please help!!

I’m from Iran & it doesn’t work for me.
I have Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier and Note8.

This app no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or this device. (2290:4002:8dc13d63002)

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i have same problem :unamused:

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Hi i’m from iran and i want to download facer.io from galaxy store not allow for iran please help me