Samsung Galaxy watch - weather doesnt update

Pavel, I guess not. I think it uses only Wi-Fi internet connection to update data.
@marcus, could you clarify my assumptions about that?

@xmulle14 @aliaksei.pinchuk Yes, there does need to be an internet connection, but it should work if either by wifi on your watch, LTE (if your watch supports it), or through the internet connection on the phone if connected via bluetooth.

@marcus Yes, I have connection via bluetooth with my phone. Different watch faces from Galaxy apps work correctly.

Thanks @xmulle14 - Which smartwatch and phone are you using, and does the phone have an internet connection when this happens? We’ll continue looking into this.

I have smartphone Xiaomi mi 8 pro and smartwatch Samsung galaxy watch. Yes, I have internet connection via bluetooth.

@marcus, I have iPhone 6, Galaxy Watch, all the latest Facer software (both phone and watches). Internet connection through Bluetooth is enabled and working. But the Facer watchfaces do update only when I provide Wi-Fi internet connection.

“Thanks @thfrkk! Could you try toggling the weather units from and back to your preferred setting and see if the weather updates correctly afterwards? The option is available in the menu on the same screen where you checked the version.”

Hi Marcus, I have a Samsung Gear Sport with Facer v. and S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 with Facer v. 5.1.1_100519-(100519). I too am having problem with weather display and location update on my custom watchface design. Even if I travel between cities it does not update, but if I change my temperature scale between Celsius and Fahrenheit on the facer app in my phone, then my location, temperature, weather condition, and humidity will update correctly on my watch face. I would like to have the option to have weather update continuously or at least on five minute intervals but cannot find any such option. Is this a premium feature only? I cannot find any way to set my weather update interval.

Any solution for this? Still happening here =(

@Facer_Official, Hi!

Checked many times: weather updates only when you provide Wi-Fi connection. Any solution?

I have the exact same problem. On a Gear S3 Classic with Tizen 3 (Newest Version for Gear S3, note that the Galaxy Watch has Tizen 4)

The weather does not update until i open the facer app. Location is always enabled. Plus, the high and low tempreatures do the same.

I have a Xaiomi Note 5 Pro with bluetooth internet connect to my phone at all times

Just a question, does the weather data update if you leave the facer app running in the back-ground on the phone, without closing out of the app on the phone?

Also please check on the Samsung or Android device that the facer application is not set to go to sleep: go to Settings>Device maintenance> Battery under the un-monitored apps, make sure Facer is in the list. If it is not in the list, I would add it.



I have the same issue.
What I found is that the permissions keep turning off in facer app on my galaxy watch.
I go into the permissions and switch all on, click back and then back in and they’re off :confused:

Cannot get them to stay on, I am assuming this is the reason, can anyone else confirm whether their permissions are turning off?

Encountering this issue now. Galaxy Watch 46mm running Facer companion app version with Galaxy S10+ running Facer app version 5.1.6_100825. Have tried changing the units from F to C, updating the location permission on and off in the Facer app on my phone, tried turning GPS on and off on watch, tried turning off bluetooth and using WiFi only, and no matter what, no watch face that uses weather will update. Currently it is saying it’s 4 degrees colder than it is, sunny (at 2 AM in New York), and clear skies when it’s raining.

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Same here as soon as I exit the app after going thru my app settings/ permissions and Grant both the permissions that are not toggled it’s gone once I enter ,I’m on a Pixel 2 and Samsung Gear all other watch faces accept Facerr have this problem.

I have that problem too… come on Facer… this have been going for a while now… just admit that it’s bogus and fix it already.

I have a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Facer Companion for Samsung Watches v 5.1.15 installed
Weather will only update from a reboot of the watch when using Facer Companion

I’m using v 5.1.23 of the Facer Companion for Samsung Watches.
Weather doesn’t update itself, only when I open the Facer app on my phone.
As per the previous discussion I have tried to switch my phone language to English and it really works, weather does update itself on my watch. So I would like to ask if this issue was fixed previously for Czech language or if this still needs to be implemented?


I have to open the Facer app a couple times a day just to keep it in background memory. Also make sure if you have a newer Android phone that you turn off Adaptive Battery. That will keep Android from killing the Facer app in the background, which will help keep your weather and other data from your phone working. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does work pretty well.