Watch Faces freeze

@mowgli212001 @atmelaragno Thanks for these reports - After the face freezes, does the time ever change on much later wakes? (like some minutes later; even if it’s still frozen, but on a new time) or does it stay frozen on the same time forever?

@marcus, the watch face freezes and will not wake up from dark mode, advance time, battery life or temperature on my specific face. I have to load another watch face that came with the watch and it works fine. If I switch back the Facer Face, it freezes again after some time.


Never had this issue with my S2 which I’ve had since Jan 2016, paired to a Samsung S7, until now.
I upgraded to the Samsung S9+ this January, had to re-install the app on the phone and the companion app for the S2, and since then have experienced this freezing issue.

When can we expect some type of fix?


I have a samsung galaxy 42mm & since I have started using Facer, the time keeps freezing. I am having to reboot the watch 4-5 times a day to kick start it again - is there a known bug & will this be fixed??

Hi guys - Thanks again for your patience, this issue is fixed in the latest release and available on the Galaxy store. Here is a link to the announcement post: Facer Tizen 5.1.3 is now available on the Galaxy Apps store

Hi @Facer_Official & @marcus,

I’ve also just started to experience this issue with freezing since the most recent Facer watch app update.
Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch
App version: 5.1.5_100765-(100765)

At first I thought it might be a new face causing issues, but the same occurs with all synced Facer watch faces.
They behave fine for several hours then just freeze (functionality and time), even after changing the Facer watch face. The only way to reset them is to choose a Samsung native watch face (i.e. closing the Facer app/watchface) and then re-choose the Facer watchface.

Hi @dubblebee - What’s the version of the companion app you’re using? (the version in the triple tap menu) Also, could you add a link to one of the faces you were wearing when it froze?

Hi @marcus,

Companion app version:

I was wearing one of my watch faces, “Speedster Black” linked below.

Also I have AOD enabled.

Thanks @dubblebee - Does the face freeze in dim mode or active mode? Or both?

It freezes in both modes.
At first the time would freeze in Dim mode and when switched to active mode the time would still be frozen.
Now though, once it’s frozen in Dim mode I can’t always activate it, either by moving my wrist or by pressing the select/on button.

Hi @marcus
I had some feedback from a user of one of my watch faces (The Division 2: SHD Agent) who says it keeps freezing for him. I’ve asked for more details, but from the photo he sent it looks like he is using a Samsung Galaxy Watch (same as mine) but no other details as yet.

The only commonality between the faces I have seen affected is that they all use the accelorometerRaw functions.
These are the watch faces of mine that are affected:

Speedster Black

The Division 2

Glitch… (ironic naming I know! :rolling_eyes: )

Is there something wrong in the way I have implemented these functions? Is it too CPU intensive for the watch?

@Facer_Official - I have a user reporting the same, that the time is not updated after coming out of DIM mode and laggy upon waking up. It sounds like they are NOT using AOD and the screen sleeps. The watch is reported to be an S3 frontier like the other reports. It may be a tizen bug. I will ask the user for the facer version on both the phone and watch to ensure there is not a mismatch and report back. I will also test on my S3, I use the AOD and do not have the watch wake, but will test.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info, @dubblebee - We are currently working on this and hope to have a fix very soon.

That’s great to hear. Thank you @marcus

Well, here we are into 2020 now and I’m having this very same issue on my TicWatch E :frowning:
Has a fix ever been implemented or found?