1000 faces! THNX to the community!

Hi there everyone! I have reached 1000 faces! Thank you very much for all the help, I look forward to seeing you in the future! Virus free beautiful day to all of you!


That’s an amazing huge work :dizzy_face:
It should be a record on facer, isn’t it ?

Hey ya!!! THNX Dude!!! Not really, there are many guys with those numbers!

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And you have amazing work too!!! GJ buddy, show the way!

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I have 1,165 published and I’m working on 1,177 right now. I’m sure there has to be someone with more than I have since I’ve only been on Facer 1½ years now. I wonder if @Facer_Official could tell us who has the most?

Woah, congrats! That is a ton of work! It’s probably really hard to find a specific face in your collection when you’re looking for it too!:smiley:. I think I’ve made only about 400 in the 3 years I’ve been at it. Great milestone! :champagne::champagne::tada:

Thank you guys!

Congrats on such a high number of designs!

Well done, and best of luck for the future. I’m following your stuff, and have used several of your watch faces already.

Thousand THNX to you guys!