1000 sync / 49 Watch Faces / 13 Days

Got my first 1000 sync today. Syncing is too slow by user (LOL). As i am not well designer like you guys. But i feel good to keep designing watch faces in this platform of FACER.

Thank you FACER team to create such this platform.

Also thanks all in advance to visit my page. Enjoy!



Hey well done. Good you have a popular style. I don’t mean to Piss on you Parade but Seconds Do Not Work on AOD. On account of power saving. But I could be wrong.

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@russellcresser Thank you for your valuable advise.

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I am struggling to sleep at the moment. In the morning I will test WF43 for you and send you a wrist Shot. I will say something else . In AOD on most watches the display is off centered a bit. This is to minimise Burn In on the Screen. I hope my shot will show you this. I do not use AOD myself but yours are nice. I always have something very basic there as my AOD is so DIM.

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See the Seconds Progress is clipped to a Crescent. The seconds are not running but you can not tell that from a pic. Then it is replaced by 0 0 ang progress is gone. As I said I do not use AOD. This is The Classic version on Samsung Active. The third pic is the Dimmed Version. The displacement from the center is Random.

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I don’t know what I am doing so wrong to have never got past 85

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@rob.fisk 85 Syncs . You talking about one watch ?

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Just the one. Was assuming @nobel.mixed had 1000 on one of his.

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Well I am Gob smacked by it all . Took me a year to get 100 on the whole Lot . It is escalating now but half were the Apple Prank which seem to be finished now because MAG has taken it over. ::))


The ~80 syncs was on one of my glowy giant time faces

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Its not that slow. I got my first 1000 downloads together after about a year or even more.

In just 13 days? That is nice, reminds me of the early days of faces for apple watch, when it was easy to get few 100 to few 1000 a week :slight_smile: