12/24 Hour Analogue

I just thought I would like to share this as I think it might help others.

My Thanks to @petruuccios for the Debugging. A real compliment that someone actually looked that closely at the Face.


Inspection Mode is on Rusty, so people can have a good look if they want to :eyes:

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Screenshot of 24 hour Mode


Screenshot of Facer Settings on the watch. Right at the end of the Picks. Carefull not to click in the right place to save re organising all the Faces on your watch.

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Nice one. just for unknown reason there is a 6 between 3 and 5 on the 12h dial. maybe deception attempt :slight_smile: obrázok
Btw. an inverse variant might not be historicaly correct, but would be more OLED friendly for sure.


Oh Dear. Thanks so much. My advancing Brain fade is letting me down. It looked right to me. Thanks so much. I have inverse for AOD. I like a couple of white faces on my watch as I use it as a torch for my many trips to the Bathroom during the night. My old Indiglo used to do that job for me : )