12/24 hour toggle doesn't appear

I created a watch face that uses #DbZ# for hour. But when I go to set the watch, in the settings menu (the little icon next to the send to watch button) I don’t see a setting for 12/24 clock. I only have units for temperature. I can see other watch faces have the option there. How do I add it?

If you want 12/24 hour selectable with leading zeros (pad((#Db#),2)) will work better for you.

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Thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t work. Still only the temp unit is selectable.

What watch do you have? That expression works perfect on my Fossil Carlyle test watch, on my Galaxy watch 5 Pro and on my Galaxy watch 1st generation running Tizen. Also are you using the latest version of Facer which for me on WearOS 3 is version 7.0.3.

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I have a galaxy watch 4 and a user that has the same problem with my watch face also has galaxy watch 4. I have version 7.0.3 both on my phone and watch. Here is the link to the watch face:

OK, I know what is happening. Facer for some reason looks for the #Db# tag inside a watchface to trigger the 12-hour 24-hour choice in the watch menu. I’ve run into this before but it’s so rare I had forgotten about it. To trick Facer into showing the 24-hour choice you have to use #Db# in a hidden text file. But with you using #DHZ# even if Facer shows the ability to switch 12/24 your watchface won’t change. You will have to use (pad((#Db#),2)), or use coding to make the numbers separate from each other. For that I use:

Hours: (0-2) (floor(#Db#/10))
Hours: (0-9) (#Db#-(10*(floor(#Db#/10))))
Min: (0-5) (floor(#Dm#/10))
Min: (0-9) (#Dm#-(10*(floor(#Dm#/10))))

Thank you very much. I tried the expression (pad((#Db#),2)), I even added a hidden layer with only #Db# and it didn’t work. But it turns out when I was done modifying it I always clicked on the save icon (floppy disk). That was my mistake, I should have clicked on “Update” to republish it with the changes. The save icon only saves it as a draft and it doesn’t get published. Now the option appears. Really weird that the #DHZ# doesn’t work but it’s description says it will change based on user’s preference.

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Is the pad function still needed? I came across #DbZ# which should do it now…

This is right off the Facer Tag page #DHZ# Hour in Day (leading zero) (00-23). The (00-23) tells you it’s 24-hour only. The #Db# is 12/24 without a leading zero and #DbZ# is 12/24 with a leading zero.

At least you figured out the issue you were having. That is the most important thing.

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Yes, because it works with other things not just time displays. I’ve used it in heart rate and also step count.

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Yes, indeed good for other stuff as well. I quite like the pad function, nice Facer introduced it…

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