12/24 Tag Question

I have been using the #DTIMEFORMAT# tag in a conditional to show or hide objects by the users preferred time choice. It’s really only ever needed to show or hide the AM/PM and/or the 12/24 hour versions of sunset. The conditional I use is $ #DTIMEFORMAT# ==12? 100:0 $, but I’ve noticed that TicWatches do not recognize that tag. Is that just that brand’s behavior, or do all WearOS watches ignore that tag? I can only test on a TicWatch E or one of my Samsung watches. I really don’t want to have to buy yet another watch just for testing. @Facer_Official do you know the answer to my question? Thank you in advance for your input!


On my fossil with Wear OS, this tag only works when I change my watch’s settings.
No effect when I triple tap to change the date format from facer companion.

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UPDATE: I’ve switched categories hoping for more views and answers to the above question.
Does anyone else know how the #DTIMEFORMAT# tag reacts in WearOS watches?

yeah on my fossil it is “24”, as my system/locale settings are set to 24h clock… changing it in the facer companion app has no effect

I too am interested in an answer to this as I am using the below code which works on screen but not on my TicWatch S2 Midnight. The #DTIMEFORMAT# appears to be ignored.