2 decimal places

Hey guys,

Is it possible to round down a steps figure to 2 decimal places to show steps in ‘K’? For example, 5634 steps would be represented as 5.63

At the moment I’m using:

But this doesn’t seem to work.

Sorry to ask, I believe it’s using the ‘round’ function, but I’m not sure how to apply it so I get the desired result.

Thanks for any help / support.




Rich, I’ll mess around with this a little bit later, I’m curious about this too. I’m about to run out for a while now so maybe you’ll already have your answer by the time I dig in. But I’m thinking you’re barking up the right tree though. For example this is what I use for KM and it prints decimal


Thanks Kevin, let me know if you discover the answer. Will post a solution if I work it out or find one.


Rich, @Batwolf just shared a solution in the Slack channel, I tagged you there so you should be able to easily find it in the steam.

This seems to do the trick:



Quite a few of these look like they may work. I thought I would add mine anyway …


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Hi Kevin - saw the note on slack, thanks!

Thanks Batwolf!

Hi Mike, wow, so simple…I’m sure I tried this but was still getting 3 decimal places… !?) Thank you.

Ps add final bracket if using Mike’s solution; use ((round(#ZSC#/10)/100))

Cheers Mike

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Sorry miscounted the brackets :grin:

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I think mine seems longer because I only start doing the decimals once you have reached 1000 :slight_smile: Nice solution as always @mikeoday


Yes, yours is cool in that way.


Very nice.

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