2 New Halloween Faces Using Same Format


I like the first one best, but I can’t help but smile watching the skeletons dancing! :laughing:

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Thank you very much, they are kinda cute aren’t they, for skeletons :joy:

those skeletons are great! :slight_smile: I like both ideas, the dials in particular.

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Thank you for that kvansant, means a lot coming from such an expert Face Creator as yourself :+1:

I like them both, especially the skelletons. Nice!

My one concern with scrolling watch faces is that, at least on my samsung, when I flick my wrist to turn it on, the face isn’t on long enough to fully take in what is scrolling. That’s why I haven’t done these myself. But I do like the scrolling effect otherwise.

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Thanks Brad, I’ll bear that in mind in future :+1: