2 Problems regarding new WatchFace (CLOSED)

Hi there,

I have 2 problems with my newest watch design.
1: For some reason it is stuck on 12 hour, and wont change to 24 hour.
2: It says i have something “digital” on my WatchFace but there isn’t any “digital” on the watch…

Could someone help?

can you turn on inspection mode?

for your items:

  1. 12/24: are you using the #Db# hour tag anywhere that sets 12/24 based on the user’s settings?

  2. do you have any time layers that you built from digital time tags? or used pieces of the digital time tile for something else?


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Hey jmorga106,

First, my apoligies for the delay to respond.
I have enabled inspection mode so you could see what i used for this WatchFace

Thanks for the help.

Hey @djabsyss,
Inspection mode is on, but I can’t see any of the layer formulas because all of your layers are locked.

If you can unlock the layers (all of them) then republish then I can see the advanced settings window on the right. I can unlock the layers but that doesn’t enable the advanced settings window. The Creator has to start with the layers unlocked already.


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I’m really sorrry, i have unlocked them now.

Obviously the variables related to the 12/24 hour mode are valid for the “digital” display, but for hand clocks, if you used the rotation in degrees, I would exclude that it is connected to that setting.
To get a similar effect on a clock face you should read the variable and try to understand the mode set by making the changes accordingly.

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I’m sorry, but i do not quite understand what you meant. could you rephrase that for me?

Nevermind, found the problem.

Thank you both for looking into this and for the help!

Have a good one all!

Simply I mean that 12/24 h setting influences only the #Db# tag

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Yeah, stupid me.
Didnt realise i was using the wrong tag…