2 problems with new Galaxy 6 Classic

I switched from Galaxy 4 to Galaxy 6 classic. The G6 seems to work OK (phone sees it just fine) but it has these problems:

  1. I loaded the Facer app onto the phone and have it displaying a stock Facer face. But when I trye to download the face I made for my old G4 it says “Unable to synch”, and there is no option to do anything but retry which results in the same error. I did load Facer Editer with the design (Bold&Brave7) and tried uploading to watch from there, but got the same error.

  2. There is a watch software update available, but after my phone finishes copying it it gives the error message “Couldn’t copy update try updating later.”

Did I miss something somewhere?

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It has been said it takes a GW6 a couple of days to settle down . I think part of the problem is some of the new GW6 Faces come over WiFi and the old ones Bluetooth . So Make sure your New Watch is connected to Both . Did you check that you have the correct Model of Watch selected in The Facer App and the Galaxy Wearable App on your Phone . Remember if you go back to sync something on your GW4 you will have to change both back to the correct watch again . I have galaxy active and GW4 . Often swap back . Enjoy .


“a couple of days” - interesting indeed.

Yes, I did select Wear OS as the watch type, before I tried do install my face on my watch. I didn’t know about BlueTooth/WiFi though - so I’ll have to check that. Thanks for the tip.

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Please keep us up to date . I can only pass on what has been posted here . I have little problems these days . Been doing it 3 years now .

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For some unknown reason I was able to get the watch to install the latest software update. But Facer will still not install my face.

Based on the earlier reply it could be that my watch is not connected to my local wifi. But I still can’t find a way to chech wifi status or change it.

I also discovered an app on the Google Play store called WearOS. Apparently this app is supposed to connect to the watch, but it won’t connect to my watch. Is this app needed for anything? I couldn’t find any info about what it is designed to do.

More info: I found a way to turn on WiFi (I wish I could remember how I got to that place), but when I did that it turned off BlueTooth. I was able to delete and download the Facer app, but it won’t display as a face on the watch. What’s really odd is when I turned on WiFi it found my router and connected, (watch says it is connected remotely now) but it did not ask for my WiFi password.

Sigh! This is nuts! I finally managed to get both BlueTooth & WiFi running. I’vegot the facer app installed but it doesn’t show up as a watchface on the watch - even though it shows as an app on the watch’s app list. So I can’t load any Facer face at all.

I’ve been in contact with Samsung for the past few hours - their suggestion was to reset the watch and start over. I really hate to do this since I’ve been fussing with this conversion most of the day. What I think happened was when I first set up the watch it asked if the backup from my Galaxy 4 should be downloaded into Galaxy 6. I said yes, figuring they’d know about the Tizen/WearOS difference. But maybe they didn’t account for this, and things in the watch really are fouled up now. In that case a reset will be required.

To quote Ralph Cramden: “What a revolting development this is!”

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GW4 is not Tizen . But GW6 is significantly different . So yes start from the Begingnig with what you Now Know . Well done with connecting to WiFi . Samsung shares the IP address of the Modem to help you set up . It is important that Modern Technology Developes . However that makes it very difficult for inexperienced users , which every one off us is at some point .

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I’m going to do a Reset and start the whole process over, but this time I won’t do the download of my GW4’s backup. Needless to say I can’t give Samsung tech support a low enough rating.

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OK, the reset worked. I’ve got Facer Companion installed, and was able to install my own watchface. It would be nice if Facer had a straightforward way to install the Facer Companion app - the way it works now is not at all the way I would do it.


Good News sort of . Jolly well done I say .

Thanks - but right now I’m not feeling particularly jolly.

One pleasant surprise is that although the screen on the 6 is only 1 mm larger than the 4, my watch face looks noticeably bigger and brighter.

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The resolution is Much Higher . The 1 mm added to the diameter makes it 3.4I59 bigger in the Circumference . I think that is 5 percent in area . Enjoy .

Yes, I did notice the increased resolution. Everything is clearly much sharper. (I just may have to think about a new face or 2.)

PS: pi is actually 3.14159… . As a transcendtal number it has endless digits. The Exploritorium in San Francisco has an interesting device where you enter your street address number and it quickly finds that same set of digits in the pi mantissa.

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Ha Ha . Brilliant . I made a typo . I would get it right in a Formula . on WFS we have no Pi so we have to use the number . I only use 3 decimals but thanks for pointing it out . I will not correct it so people can see how easy it is to make mistakes . Apparently the Ancients used Pi as 3 to work out the volume of their vessels , the missing .14159 accounting for the thickness of the Vessal wall .

Not to quibble…but my understanding is that the Egyptians used 3-4-5 triangles to square up the corners of the great pyramids and the stones used to build them. For objects that size I’m sure ignoring the mantissa would have resulted in an oblique structure. (Of course we know the giant pyramids don’t really exist because there’s no way they could have been built using the technology available at that time.)

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I did not know the Egyptians used Pi .

I doubt the pyramid builders knew about Pi; as far as we know today a close approximation to Pi (5 digits) was first used in China in 263 AD. The archeologist we talked to when we were in Egypt made a point about how close to an absolute square all of the 3 great pyramids are, and how they used 3/4/5 (and/or 5/12/13) triangles to get the corners to be true right angles. Due to sand & wind erosion (it is frequently quite windy there) the edges of the pyramids are a bit fuzzy now. But standing at a corner it’s easy to see how straight everything is. (I found that to be somewhat disturbing, but then there are lots of disturbing things about the pyramids.)

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Indeed . Alway amazing . I read that the Pyramids were built During the Periods the Fields at the Banks of the River Nile were Flooded . It was a kind of Nations Service . Work for Idle Hands . They say the Wages were Beer .

I am having the same problem. When you say you reset what did you reset ? I am new to this.

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It means Factory Reset - this resets the watch to it’s brand new condition. All user data is erased and all settings are set to defaults. After you do this it’s just like taking the watch out of the box for the first time.

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Just one more note to factory reset. If you happen to update the OS and it introduces some bugs, this wont restore the version it was delivered with from factory. It only resets the user settings and data.