[ 2 Watchfaces ] Halloween - Help Let Me Out / I Got A Clock

Two quick and simple watches for Halloween!


Love both of these! Well done! Is the first a ghost from scooby doo?

Yup. I thought it looked funny like he was trapped in the watch and banging on it :smiley:

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Haha nice! it is really cool. Very nastalgic too.

Very nice! Both of em!

On the second one you better should inverse the gif-anim. Looks like the Ghost walks backwards…

Greetings, GAUSS.

Yeah its a nice optical illusion too…you can train your eyes to see it both ways.

I thought it was backwards too at first. The trick is to focus on the bricks…if you see them moving “up” its forward but picture them going “down” and it looks like hes moonwalking :smiley:

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Both are cute. Yes, now that you mention it, the first ghost looks as if he’s trapped and wants to get out. At first I thought he was drunk. <- Although that would be funny, too. :grin:


So funny!!