[ 2 Watchfaces ] Movie Promos - Halloween and Captain Marvel

Two new watchfaces…

First up is Halloween. My wife has been asking me to make something for the film, but I kept trying to find an angle. Originally I had eyes in the mask watching the movement of the second hand, but it looked weird. I settled on fading the mask in and out slowly, like the character appearing from the dark. Added a animated blood drip event on the hour taking place for a minute. EDIT: Oh, and added a slight gyroscope effect on the mask. As with all the other movie watches I’ve got a countdown to the film’s release.

Next up, Captain Marvel…

The first trailer hit today and I wanted to get a jump on the movie countdown. Hopefully, people will go looking for a watchface after seeing the trailer. Based on the other watches I’ve made, seems like a safe bet. A couple of different features… onwake animation for the logo which shrinks and dissolves. One of two clips from the trailer is shown. Finally… dim mode features a countdown to the film.


@cth4242 first one love it very Spooky , second one love it also, i personally would slow down the animation a little bit so you can see more of her besides a quick flash. Very well done Love the dim mode also