24:00 v 00:00 digital hours

This topic has been the subject of a few posts before but I don’t really understand the logic…
As far as I understand, using the 24 hour watchface there should be NO 24:00 meaning immediately after 23:59:59 the watch should show 00:00:00.
‘24:00’ should only be used as a printed ‘word’, as text in a timetable for example. In my WIP Morse watch below I have a problem that the normal Digital Time tag uses #DbZ# for hours and results in 00 at midnight, which in my opinion is correct however when using $#DkZA#=0?100:0$ to insert an image of the first digit it results in a ‘2’ and not a 0 as I expected. Do I have to use a conditional - if 2 & 4 then 0 for both the hour digits, if this is the case do I use || or && - it’s not clear to me.


For the hours for a 24-hour only time display I use #DHZ# which forces it to display 00:00 at midnight. When I am splitting the hours into two elements I use (floor(#Db#/10)) for the 10’s of hours position. That way it only displays 0-1 or 2 with 0 at midnight.


The “k” in the tag refers hours 1-24 and not 0-23.
The is no tag for 1st digit for hours 0-23.

So, yes I do the same as @mrantisocialguy


Thanks @mrantisocialguy @tom.vannes for your help. Having taken your advice 24:00 has gone. As usual for me things got a little more complicated as not only the image digital numbers needed changing but also the morse code elements as well! Oh well! I searched and found this post -

and yes - I might have guessed it is from @mrantisocialguy !