24 hour progress not working

I made a watch face where both hours, minute and secunds uses progress instead of arms. Minutes and seconds are working fine.

But hour is only working before 12 o’clock (noon).

See configuration below.

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I don’t use clamp that often . Let it go free . Try posting Inspectable drafts .
The progress bars have a Presets which uses formula below for 24hrs .


Put 180 in the rotation for 12 o’clock up .

Check out the Presets for MIN SEC .

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It’s 15:18 my time.

Another Q. What is the function / or how does CLAMP work?

Putting 180 in the Rotation doesn’t work.
The Hours work just fine using (#DWFKS#/360), but they will be “resting” at 0 when they hit 12 o’clock, appearing like they’ve disappeared.

OK, so, no solution?

You just need to put those 180°in the rotation, not in the fill formula.

Clamp is function to limit results to preset value boundaries.
for example clamp(#Ds#,12,35) will return actual seconds values when they are between 12 and 35, it will show 12 while they are lower and 35 when higher.


That solution was almost too simple :smiley: Many thanks for your help.
And also thanks for the explanation of clamp

Maybe I’ll learn some…

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We all seem to be repeating ourselves a bit on this one .
May I suggest that respondents read any solution that has been offered already .
So here we are another test .
That is me out of this one .

PS that clamp formula that you flagged up earlier is for using Steps 10k in a progress bar .

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That watch face looks similar to mine :slight_smile:

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Yeah . They Come out the Box like that . Some give them spit and polish . I am very fond of the Out The Box Look . Just wish Facer Creator Basics had a few 24 hrs ( 12 up ) and seconds numerals .

Russel, do you have any tip on how I should search to find 24 hour watch faces with 12 up on Facer? I can hardly find any.

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Look at my stuff and @bradtc I think. @petruuccios is the Master.

Hey @aadfsf, as @russellcresser points out I have done a few with a varient of 24 hr clocks, but I’m not sure they are what you are looking for. They usually just show the 24 hr daylight cycle & your timeframe with a red line. Maybe these ones?:

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Thanks Brad.
One thing that immediately caught my eye is the spinning moon! How do you make an object spin around like that???
Is it Sequence that you are using, or…?
How to make for example a regular Shape spin in seconds like your moon?