24-hour time STILL shows 24 instead of 00 for midnight on most faces

Using the 24-hour setting on nearly every watch face that supports it, shows 24 instead of 00 for the time at midnight.

This is probably not expected Behavior anywhere in the world, but certainly not in the United States, or in other places that people have been complaining about this issue.

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ISO 8601 Standard

The use of 24 Hour time is defined by ISO 8601, which requires that date and time formats are non-ambiguous and that sorting to alphabetical order is the same as chronological order.

This system is used throughout continental Europe and worldwide in both military and medicine, and there are NOT multiple interpretations or variances in it’s use. The purpose of the 24-hour time format it to ensure that time-annotated events are NOT accidentally interpreted as being 12 hours different.

Facer should unambiguously support ISO 8601 date (yyyy-mm-dd) and time formats.


  • There are several Wiki-type articles that suggest that 24-hour time uses the hour range of 1 to 24, and/or that US military require use of 00:01 (for midnight) to discourage use of 24:00 . . IMHO they are quite simply incorrect.

  • The time 24:00 is historically Railway Time for a scheduled arrival at (or around) midnight that terminates at this location, as opposed to 00:00 for a scheduled departure at midnight…

  • From ISO 8601 standard: β€œ4.2.1 … hour is represented by two digits from [00] to [24]. The representation of the hour by [24] is allowed only to indicate the end of a calendar day within a time interval, see 4.2.3”


While it is still valid to have a static β€˜24’ on a 24-hour clock face, it should NOT be used in any presented / changing time field on a watch face.

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Are you using #DH# or #DHZ# for the leading 0 (12:30am is 0030)? That displays 00 for midnight and not 24 on all of my watch faces.