30 second countdown

Is there a simple snippet that simply counts down in seconds from a certain number - say 30 - and then hides? I only found countdowns to a specific date or time but no simple seconds timer.

Any pointers greatly appreciated…

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Since you are a PRO look at .


I was looking more for a simple non-premium feature something like a simple seconds countdown that displays 30,29,28,27…,0 and then hides…

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So I think the only way to do it is either with the Wake Timer or a running count .
We have no way of storing a number so can not do Millis like we can on Arduinos and things .

Hi everybody. Perhaps this non-prime solution suits you. Put it all in this example. Greetings. Patrick


Hi Patrick - thanks so much for setting this up! As always - genius :wink: -andreas

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