3D-Effect on smartwatches like in 3ds?

Hi @ll,

I wonder why no one invented a smartwatch with the ability to visualize in real 3d yet.

It should be possible to build without any headgears like the Nintendo 3ds. I really would appreciate this effect.

What do you think?

Greetings, GAUSS

Hmm it would be interesting - I could see a lot of people falling over because they can’t stop looking at their watch lol

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Yes, lol. I would be the first one… :-)))

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Hmmm. That would be pretty awesome. They would make my job easier since I usually try to make realistic looking 3d faces lol

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Your stuff would look amazing i’m sure.
real 3D stuff would eat a ton of battery though wouldn’t it? i guess it depends on what you are thinking when saying ‘3D’.

When I do ‘3D’ stuff it’s way different. I render videos in 3D which is still 2D but done with Adobe AFter Effects, Cinema4d and Element3D.

Examples (Locklab is a client of mine):

I struggle to think of nice designs for a watch fact. I’m so used to having a huge environment i can’t think of cool stuff.

I sat at my PC for hours one day trying to think and i just kept falling back on not being able to do a lot. Finally got some ideas but now I haven’t had time to do them :stuck_out_tongue:

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This animation clips are really, really cool!

Besides: i don‘t think a 3d face would take a lot more ressources. It’s only a doubled picture, drawn with a parallax filter effect.

Thanks! much different environment :slight_smile:

I re-read the thread and I understand. I was misunderstood. I get it now though.

Very cool. Sry for misunderstanding

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