3D gold gear bling face

After releasing a handful of deliberately 2D electronic looking faces this week, I decided to try a 3D version. I racked my old brain over how to create something where the light looks like its coming from one direction, with these moving gears, and the answer was just so simple. Now I need to go back and fix the top centre parts of the gears. The theory on those is correct, but I didn’t put any thought into lighting direction when I created them. Had enough for one night though, and have released it as it is. Update to come. Numerous parts of the face change with the direction of the watch on the wrist using the accelerometer. I did have to make a few compromises, as doing everything I wanted, really slowed the watch face down, but its getting there. I might be able to optimize the graphics a little and add in some of the things I missed off.



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Ha Ha @richiebee. Great minds think alike. This is what I am working on at the moment. It is a right mess but you might be Intrested. Very much a WIP.


I like the brand name, EL CHEAPO! Though when I first looked at it, I thought it was the name of that Mexican drug smuggler, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. :laughing:

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Very nice my friend, love the first “not cheapo” one lol


Nice one Russell. I had the hands down with my Concentricity. I thought at the time that it was such a unique idea that I came up with. Turned out someone else came up with it before. Think of all the brain power I could have saved if I’d known? :rofl:

My problem was the highlights on the gears, and getting them to stay in the same place while the gears themselves rotated. The answer hit me by accident. I was playing with the gear shadow, and I put it above the gear, so that it was easier for me to see. Turns out if you do that and lower the opacity, it can provide the highlights AND the shadows at the same time!!!

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Happy accident . Others have often done the same or similar work but the problem is finding it . It actually is quicker to have a go your way .

Indeed, figuring out what to search for, often takes as long as figuring out the actual process yourself. :slight_smile:


Analog version released too…

Inspection is open on this one, but the layer naming is a bit messy.