4th model in the Pilots collcection - UPDATED


The 4th addition to the Pilot collection is almost done…

I’m not sure about the hands, any thoughts are welcome…



I like the clean layout and balance! But I can’t read the text on the two sub dials at all, and at the moment I’m even looking at a larger view on my PC. Hands are sometimes the trickiest to choose… infinite possibilities! My first impression is maybe something more squared off than rounded, but this is such a subjective thing.

Thank you @kvansant for your comments

I noticed the small text of the sub-dials, I’m trying different ideas

The hands actually are angled not rounded, however I’m also looking into different versions

Updated with a few complications and redesigned other complications

I hope you like it…

Just published… enjoy and have fun :blush:

I like the general layout but outline fonts are always a little bit tricky… i would replace them with bold ones for a better readability.

Thank you Gauss for the feedback…

The index is one of the things that was worrying me and tested several shapes, fonts, colors and designs…

I updated it with the filled design I did previously, you are right it is clearer now


definitely more readable now. Also I like these hands better than the earlier ones. One more thing to consider… as many numbers as you have going this way and that, it might help to create more distinction between each set. It’s usually a design faux-pas to have too many fonts so you’d have to be carefully about that pitfall, but subtle color differences maybe? On a lot of the high end mechanical watches I’ve observed they solve the problem by assigning roman numerals to say the hours, and Arabic to the subdials to give each more clarity and their respective purposes distinction… or perhaps on your design simply putting markers in place of numbers for the hours would help. I do like the layout!

Thank you @kvansant for your notes, I will revisit and see what can be done…

Looking far better now. @kvansant is right. It‘s like Powerpoint. Not more than maximum two different fonts - better only one.

One more thing: the green gradient background, combined with the dials reminds me personally of a poker/blackjack table. Not a bad thing at all if you want go reach this effect. :wink: if not i would take a more realistic background pattern…

Greetings, GAUSS.


Thank you @GAUSS

I actually used one font in the layout, I love the green color may be with this update you will find it resembling something else (I’m eager to know :slightly_smiling_face:)

I think it looks more subtle now…

Yeah! That‘s better!