5 Suggestions for Facer Creator

Some of these are pretty advanced and maybe impossible so idk.

  1. Time styles: 00:00 (without the colon:) and then a style with the hours at the top and minutes at the bottom or hours top minutes middle and seconds bottom? Or even just hours just minutes then just the seconds.

  2. Dynamic Events: Changes based on the current situation. For example after 6 it could be set to a night background or maybe the heart rate shows up upon it going over 120bpm or maybe the background changes the date to your steps and pushes a vibration upon hitting 10k steps. You could even have a custom image roll within a certain time to remind you to do something. For example, at 2:30pm up to 3pm a custom sink icon could display to tell you to wash the dishes. Obviously not presets, you could choose what happens upon things. Probably impossible.

  3. Import of mp4/gifs or even audio files like mp3/wav

  4. Keyframe: Keyframe animated rotations/scale/postition and maybe a keyframe occurs upon a dynamic event. There could also be ease types. Maybe a bounce ease or an exponential out ease. The possibilities are endless!

  5. Circular warp: Warp things like text to match the circular design of circular watches

Please dont absolutely rupture me in the comments I don’t even own a smart watch I own a fitbit so alot of this I really don’t know the possibility on.

You‘re absolutely right in your wishes. They are mine as well.

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I’ve been wanting curved text for a long time as well.

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As far as most smartwatches go…

  1. Time can already be styled like that. just use multiple Elements
  2. Most of the dynamic Events you listed can already be done with use of layers and transparency as well… like your dish washing between 2:30 and 3:00. I’m working on a watch now that every day at 4:19 an animation of a little guy walking in from off the screen holds up a sign that says “got a minute?”
  3. gifs can already be imported
  4. Im pretty sure if you look at The Kitchen Sink | Facer Documentation you will find ways to animate in such ways.
  5. Curved text and the ability to rotate the watch face numbers or select which/how many number/tick marks show would be an awesome feature. It is possible in Watchmaker.