50% of my purchased Faces are gone!

I wanted to change my Watchface and then I saw, that nearly 50% of my purchased Watchfaces are gone!! I’ve bought the most of them in bundles!

Here are ALL my purchases:

18.06.2016: Dark Angel
05.11.2016: Dark Legend
25.12.2016: Saymaz Collection
25.12.2016: SW Analog Pilot Ref.007
18.01.2017: GRR Ultimate Watch Series
21.02.2017: G7 Mega Bundle
18.05.2017: Designer Bundle


I want my purchased Faces back!

Hi! Sorry about that! We know how frustrating that can be!

Please email facer-support@little-labs.com and we’ll help you out ASAP. Your purchases aren’t lost, this is likely a temporary bug somewhere.

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Had the same thing happen. I’ll send an email.

That was their answer:

Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out to us and we are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the app. All purchased faces should appear in the Watchboxes menu - Purchases tab. (4th icon on the bottom menus bar)
Note that you will also need to have the same Google account you used to make the original purchases logged in on the phone (Settings - Accounts)

Also please make sure you are only using one Google Play account in the phone - Accounts menu ant not multiple accounts.

Hope this helps!

Little Labs

Joke’s on me I guess. Maybe the think I’m mentally retarded. I’ve sent them a second E-Mail.


I sometimes get that from them too.
They said that my new face isn’t working. I replied by copy-pasting its description into the email and then they approved it…