A broader application

I often think that, what we do - face making and loving it - should have a broader application. I mean, it’s good and needs to be on your watch. But is that all we really can do with it. What I would like is a big round screen, favourably hanging on my wall, where I can cycle - in prime quality - between my favourites on Facer. Does anyone do this? Would it be something we want as customers? Does such a hardware exist compatible with F? Can we cycle then true diverse faces in the format we want (type watch, with a certain interval). I think that would be a great asset, in a dark environment, showing its data and beauty in a customised way. Anyone agree?


I do this with the watch faces I make in “the other app” on my tablet and I am entertaining the idea of using my andriod TV, but there would be no touchscreen capability. It is cool to see your faces really big and detailed though.


I actually use a simple analog clock App on my iPad where I can load a background image as a watch face (In Facer I remove the hands and date then I do a “Take Design Screenshot”). Of course no addition features and I cannot use custom hands. But it kind of works.

App on iPad:


The App is called FaceClock .