A contemporary and elegant watch face

Take a look to this watchface design.
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Thanks !


Very good design simple and elegant but… Add Dim mode too !

It’s a choice to don’t make any difference in Dim mod.
Don’t need a Dim mod with this watch face.

points of view … every white pixel in an amoled screen consumes more battery than a black pixel so those who have the “always on” mode will probably want a more “black” watchface in DIM mode as well as the second hand usually is not displayed.
However, those are your choices because you are the designer!

I don’t like watchface with completly different modes between normal and DIM but I like some kind of attention in this direction although I think the big majority of smartwatch owners do not have the “always on” mode active and so… it doesn’t matter

Doesn’t Facer require us to have at least a working time Dim Mode?

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Not bad a modern line, I like it!

The beginning of glory…


Congrats! And well done with the design!

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