A couple of new abstract faces with inspector mode active

This weekend was an experimental one for me, and I’ve published a couple of new faces with the inspector mode active for anyone who wants to take a look. It’s not complex for the hardcore coders here, but might be interesting for beginners.

Both of these were a lot of fun to think up and put together. Curiosity especially! There are instructions on how to read the time with this one.


I really like this Curiosity #1 even though I have no idea what time it is. Visually it’s very cool and balanced though, and I expect once I understand what’s going on it’ll be easy to read the time :slight_smile:


Good afternoon richiebee! :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Very, very good work !!! , very good time programming, with the rotations of the figures !!!
I really like these styles like this, complicated, ORIGINAL !!! :muscle:
They are very cool! :100:
Cordially ! JDCardozo

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You’ve come up with some good ideas here @richiebee . The gears are cool! I’ll admit I’m having a tough time reading the minutes on the Curiosity#1, but nonetheless, this has style!

Thanks Brad. I think the 10’s of minutes might actually be easier to read if I get rid of the “12 o’clock” dot. That way the 10, 20, 30 etc, work the same way as on an analog watch… kind of. Doesn’t help with the 0-9 minutes though. Maybe a little too challenging? I’ve just updated it to remove that ten’s of minutes dot at the 12 position. Gee, it’s even hard to describe the dots. :smiley:

That Curiosity #1 is indeed very cool, I like it. Looking forward to #2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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