A need a little help

Hi, I need you help

this is day 10 after my first release.
I published 145 faces and earned 910 syncs, witch is an average of 6,3 syncs.
From 145 faces only 4 (four) reached more then 20 syncs.
I spend several hours a day designing stuff to publish.

Those results are not motivating me. I will give this a try for some days more, but if the results stay so disappointing, I will quit Facer

Please if you like my watch faces, sync them.


Welcome to Facer bro. That’s how it goes. I have a boatload of faces that I thought were going to absolutely kill, but they did not. Everyone here does. I am not sure what you expecting but it’s really hard to re-invent the wheel here, dare I say impossible anymore. This is not the way to get attention.

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If you pardon the pun - it takes time!


You cannot please all of the people all of the time :smiling_face:

That are quite impressive numbers. That is 14 faces a day. Still I guess you shoot out that accumulated “ammo” way too fast, while relying only on this forum and the whats new section to get exposure.
See the facebook group, I guess advertising one or two faces a day there would be very helpful.

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I can not join the Facebookgroup, because you need an account that’s 6 months old.
Seems that they have a lot of scammers

I had no idea about the restriction, but its true about the spammers.
But maybe you could at least visit to check it out on another account

Well, many of us tried to understand, after putting so many hours in it (unnoticed to many), so much effort and we seek some recognition for that. We see others run away with synchs. Here is my advice. Let that go, if they come to you, they will come but the main thing should be, you need to cross those frontiers, those limitations and to find the freedom of creativity, yes of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can not ask it, it is granted, depending of others. But i get the frustration, the hunger. It is in the eye of the storm, get to the eye, to find peace with what you are doing and learning. Improve yourself by learning, trying things out. Believe me, that in itself can be very rewarding. Become, the eye of the storm. Patrick

You can join the Smartwatch Creations & Users group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236821792520569/

If you are making watchfaces for anything but having fun - quit doing it.

If you are making them for yourself and having a good time while doing it - continue.

That’s how it is.