A Quick Inspection Needed!

I have made a simple watch with some “Advanced Animations”, but the animations (In this case: the bats/birds) do not render on my watch.
Am i doing something wrong?

Huawei Classic I here - yeah they don’t render for me either. Not sure what the deal is though. can you open inspection mode?


Hi @djabsyss

(190 + sin(#DWFSS#/4)*90)

Don’t use spaces (" ") before and after part of conditions

Try to remove spaces and you’ll see it works, I can tell you because I copy/paste your code into a blank watch and now, without spaces, is rendering fine

But then with this (sin&&cos(#DWFSS#*50)*20) . is not rendering, there would be something wrong there,

if you use this way: (sin(#DWFSS#*50)*20) instead: (sin&&cos(#DWFSS#*50)*20) it works and it is rendering fine. Try to find a way to use both of them but not to mixing by using && . I think it doesnt work because you are not using conditionals. (Im not an expert)


Rendering on my Huawei Watch 2

I hope It could help you


Ah very nice, i will try this later.

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It is working now, thank you very much for the help.

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:watch: Happy to hear that!!!