A quoi correspondent les expressions,?

Good morning all,

I am not an expert in expression and in English, so could someone tell me what all the expressions correspond to except the date, the hours, minutes, seconds or battery level that I already know that would be super nice. There is indeed a very brief description but even with that I do not see well what certain rotations are used or can do.
Is there a list somewhere that shows what each expression is for or is there even a rendering of each expression?

ex: # WLC # = ???
ex: # WTH # = ???

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Merci; Cela est déjà un bon début de réponse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Salut @ZerocoolCorporation , je peux surement t’aider si tu veux des explications en français :wink:

Volontiers je te remercie beaucoup et t’ajoute à mon carnet d’adresse ! :clin d’œil: