A request to all designers

I would like to request a Samsung Watch and S3 and also any other watches that have minutes stamped into the bezel to maybe have there own section or preface. I love most of the designs but the ones that have minutes on them are too much when minutes are already on the watch. It makes nice faces look cluttered. I’m sure others will agree.

In my collection: OD X, OD Spirit, OD Spirit B&W, OD Ocean. Did you mean that?

Hi it was really an observation that some watch faces are really nice but have the minutes around the edge, which spoils the galaxy watch which has minutes stamped into the bezel.

I understand, a watch face without outer ring and seconds markers, because the Samsung is contains it. Sorry, but I haven’t got that face.

I’d like to see a ‘default’ watch to use in the final display as well. Save going through the list every time

Considering how many individual watchfaces with the varying themes and layouts are available on this website, this request would be problematic for designers. Sometimes, a designer wants these features to make their design(s) more widely accessible to owners of many types of smartwatches. There is nothing wrong with creating products tailored for specific platforms, but that should be the author’s option and not be something forced on them.