A tribute to Patek Philippe World Time Chrono

Hey All,

Here’s the second in my Masters Tribute Series. The Sapphire World Time chrono is a tribute to the Patek Philippe Mens World Time Chronograph (http://bit.ly/2rHqXKP). I’ve taken some design liberties here. On the latest Patek 2017 model, all of the appointments are white gold. Here on the backlit digital platform the white/silver hands looked terrible and it was hard to tell time. There were older versions of this watch in blue that had darker, charcoal hands. So I made the hands on my face black. I also left the black hands in the DIM mode and added a soft under-light behind the hands. I’ve added my single complication with the multi-view functionality that I’ve been working on a lot lately. The one dial rotates the weather, weekday & date, temp, steps, and phone/watch battery levels every three seconds. The 24-hour ring also rotates throughout the day showing local 24-hour time. the DIM mode blacks out the center of the face, retains the day & date, and adds a quick-view digital time at the top. Hope you guys like it.


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Very nice!!! and now to fill my character set, temp in London is 33C that’s 91.4F and feels like 1000F even with the AC on

LOL :smile: it’s been very hot here in NYC


Very cool! I like this watch! Masterly done with the fading informations in the midfield. I was thinking about exactly that animation method a couple of days ago.

Better Readability because of bigger fonts, more space on the watch face for design elements, compressed informations…

And it‘s a nice „Special Effect“.


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Thanks @GAUSS :+1:

You´re welcome.

Can i ask how to make that changing effect?



Hey do you still have pp watches in your collection I’m looking for this specific https://pin.it/6ECCsZk but any will do please if you got something replay bellow ill send you my email