A tribute to Rolex Submariner

Hey all,
I just started my Masters Tribute Series which seeks to pay homage to the great watchmakers of the 19th & 20th centuries. I’m starting the series off with my detailed and intricate tribute to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date wristwatch - model 116613 in black and gold. I tried to stay true to the face design however, this version has a multi display in the date window that rotates through the weather, date, temp, steps, and phone battery level. For those with smart watches that already have an outer bezel (or if you just prefer the larger display without the bezel), I also created the same face without the outer bezel. hope you like 'em.

but seriously… would you buy something this expensive on Amazon LOL :smile:



Very nice, especially like the ‘no bezel’ option and of course the cyclops magnifier and the multifunction info therein, I’m afraid I will be paying the ultimate tribute by copying the clever functionality.

Word-up Hayden. I figured the multi-info-in-one-element might become a thing once I “let the dogs loose”, but I think I’ve seen it on some other faces somewhere - I’m definitely not the first.

Hey, did you notice the monometer (only one complication) on the face instead of “chronometer”? heh heh :sunglasses:



Hi John, I did notice the ‘monometer’ and I din’t really twig, but liking your style

Hi Jhon! Your tribute can not be worth less than $ 5000!:laughing:

good job!

LOL! thanks G:sunglasses:


Is the watch face available for download?