Ability to copy an item or multiple items from one design to another

By being able to copy between the designs, this would help speed up production and reduce potential errors while you create your new designs.

This will also help you spend more time on design and less on making specific features or functions work.

Sounds like a decent option, welcome to the Community @CC-Designs

Hi @CC-Designs
I don’t know if I understand correctly, but in my opinion it is already possible.
I do this way:
I open Creator
Inside creator i open 2 or more of my projects. At this point from layer properties (the small rocket icon) i can copy formulas;tags; dimensions and so on of an object and paste what i copied in another open project.
Of course same type of object in the same position.
May be this can be useful for you


what you describe @diavo is definitely a time saver, but the ability to actually move layers or groups of layers from one face to another would be even more helpful. We’re all still hoping!

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Yes it would be nice. But if exchanging images in a layer would not always reset its settings (like size, position, opacity, tint), for me would be easier to make duplicate of “project” and change things that don’t fit.

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Hi @kvansant
I completely agree with you.

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