Ability to rotate face to any angle you want

I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place… but is there a way to make it possible to rotate the watch faces on my watch? (Galaxy 5). I wear it on my inner wrist, so an angle would be nice.

Hi @xgoofynoodlex. You will not get a lot of votes on this one. I would say you are a little in the wrong section. Try posting a Question /Topic in another Catogory next Time. It is not a problem. Just makes it difficult in a search to find relevant stuff…

To answer your question.

YES and NO

I think some watches allow you to set them up for the other wrist. But not an angle as far as I know.

Yes if you make your own.

But you have to rotate the elements on each layer. So for example if you had a 12 hrs Analogue Dial. You woud put . 30 or - 30 ( degrees ) in the Rotation Field of your Dial layer. So if you had a minute hand on the face your formula there would be.

((#DWFMS#) +30)

If you decided to have digital as well you will see you can do the same…

I would load the Hybrid Template that is in Face creator and try what I am talking about on there. Before you spend hundreds of hours getting into a pickle.



Russell just explain right, i’m not so good at language better i place a couple of open inspection faces to show what Russell mean


Oh spot on Alberto :::)))

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As a lefty who wears his watch on his right arm, I would love this! One of my favorite faces has an angled version for the left arm but not the right one. I would love it if B# made a right arm version at least. Maybe include that option if you buy a paid angled one?

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If you asked B# @kvansant personaly he might make a special Face For you. If he has not got one in his collection already. It is a lot of work to do to please a few Users.

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