Ability to see Syncs

Other than using the facer watch creator app, is there a way to view the total syncs? If not, is it possible to have it added to the site?

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that would be nice, also to make it a searchable, filter, or sort on the face search page.

Im not sure why we’re talking symcs when downloads would surely be a preferable stat?

Yes and no @patdude
I think you are thinking not of downloads, but of purchases.
downloads and syncs are the same things.

quite right. sorry was multi-tasked… I’d much prefer to see purchases/syncs

Yes, me too…
Purchases counter would be awesome.

Feature Requests:

(1) Can total syncs be added to the My Designs section of the Android app?

(2) Can creators choose to get notifications when a user syncs a design?
(Sometimes a user syncs and follows at the same time, but not always.)

(3) Can https://facer.io/creator list the last n users who have sync’d a design?

(4) Can users choose to get notifications when a designer updates a design that they previously sync’d?