Ability to share account with wife

Can I share my Facer account with my wife? She is an Apple user, I am Android user if this matters.

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If you log in to facer app as you then it might work. Give it a try.


Yes it works.
I have both an Apple Watch and a WearOS ticwatch.

If you sync an Apple Watch face, it will open up the Apple Watch App and there you can add the face.


Please try it and let us know.

I don’t think it will work. I guess when you choose a watchface your wife will have the same one on her watch.
But now I’m curious.


I have both watches in my account. If you sync a WearOS face, it gets loaded on my ticwatch. If I sync an Apple face it only goes to my Apple watch. Facer can differenciate.

This helps me as a creator. I do not need a second account.