About a 24 h dial

Hi to all
A small ask. In a dial of 24h it’s used
#DhoTb# or #DWFH# or #DWFHS#
I realized that this is valid if the dial has 12 at 6 and 24 at 12
But…if a dial has 24 at 6 and 12 at 12 the tags work no more.
In this case what have i to insert to have the hand properly placed?
Thanks for any reply


Try ((#DWFHS#) +180)

I have used this.


I preferer 12 up on a 24 hrs Dial


Hi @russellcresser
Hi Russel. Always collaborative, thank you.
Generally speaking i don’t love 24 h dials, and i agree with you that 24 up is far better.
However, it happens to find some rare dial with 24 down and I was curious about what formula to use.
Both your formulas work a beauty and i took note of them. :wink: :blush:
Regarding my old post, did you see? Thank to the guys of community, you for the first one, i have found a solution on how to automatically stop the hand at the end of the run.
As for the selectable starting point i discarded the idea. Too complicated.
Have a nice day

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Hi Again .
I had got half way through my response before I realise it was you . I am a bit all over the community at the moment . Just trying to give something back if it is simple . I left the other Discussion about your timer when you had thanked everyone for their help . I did not want to Hijack that .
I am so glad you got it working . I have gone back to stuff I did some months ago now and make improvement in the light of what I know now . You will get the +/- start sorted one day .
I am using the Motion sensors for my interaction but I am enjoying trying to get the most out of that . It is not very popular but it Pleases me .
Working on some Sparkly Diamonds at the moment . It is horribly disappointing as in real life they are so Beautiful.
Good Evening to you now I think .

PS You might be interested in this .
Swappable 12/24 hrs dial sorry 24up That is how it was On the Soyuz.

Hi Russel
Here are 16.27 so it’s afternoon. We are on solar hour now. About what you are working on, i presume that sparkling effects or metal reflections are very hard to obtain, but…aren’t you a magician of special effects? Of course it’s a joke.
I took a look at your face and i had a thought. People that don’t play with faces can’t believe how much work there is behind a face.
Your on for exemple. Apparently is a simple face, but how many layers it need? A lot of hard work, but amusing
Stay well, ciao

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Thanks and You .
I often wonder how many parts there are in a Nice Real Watch . I some times feel a bit cheeky calling what I do a Watch . Although I have been making stuff for many years I could not make a single part for a Real Watch .

Do you remember the hand doing a countdown of 10 minutes? Well it comes from some real watches . It is used to have the starting point of a regatta. Easy until here, but they have a mechanism tremendously complicated. Here as they work
At the beginning of a regatta you hear a horn & a cannon shot. Here you start the counter (when reaches 10 you have to start).
At 5 minutes another horn & cannon, and here you can syncronize your counter with a button to be precisely allineated with the official counter.
At 10 minuti the last horn & cannon and the race start.
So, imagine how many parts and mechanisms you need to have this precision. The hardest of all is the mechanism of syncronization. All in mechanics. Unbelievable

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Yeah . Mind blowing. Before the modern Era the cogs were filed out by hand . Apparently it was done as Piecework in peoples homes.

Is this what you are Making? : )

regatta watch

Go on make this one.

yacht master small