About Progress circle and other things

I need to use some progress circles on a watchface I’m making and with this one I’m having some troubles.
The first one is the quality, when I send the watchface to my watch, progress circles edges looks really bad, like when you disable AA on a videogame; don’t know why because the screen has high density and all circular shapes looks perfect, even little details look perfect
Could be the color? (Yellow over black), maybe the background image size?, something on configuration I’m missing? I’m trying to use one for steps and one for seconds.
The second one maybe has nothing to do but I thought it could be made with the progress circle tool.
I would like make tick marks appear meanwhile second hand moves and when it completes the circle start again from the beginning, how could I do that?.
Thanks a lot! And sorry for my english.

Hi jerox, you can publish your watch with inspection mode active, and maybe some of the guru’s here can help you out

Do you have the progress dial underneath an image? Are they sitting on top of everything? If they’re underneath something, it may be the image you uploaded.